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Prairie Underground: Funk, Function and eco-Friendly!

When you think of organic clothing t-shirts with eco-conscience sayings is usually the first image that pops into your head. Well, organic fashion has come a long way, baby.

Prairie Underground is a unique blend of fine art, flowing detail and dramatic form. The company is the brainchild of Davora Lindner, an accomplished sculptor and Camilla Eckersley, a gifted fashion designer with experience spanning from corsetry to couture. This dynamic duo is a unique blend of talent. You can see where the fine art and fashion meet in many of their pieces.

The fluid folds and structured detail are the eye-candy. Prairie Underground uses organic cotton, hemp and remnant fabrics making their fashions fun, funky and eco-friendly.

Based out of Seattle, Washington Prairie Underground apparel is made in the U.S.A.

Highlights from the Spring 2015 Collection:



Denim Day Dress

Hemp, Organic Cotton and Spandex

Made in Seattle


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Opera Coat

Light Weight Organic Cotton

Made in Seattle


where to buy:


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Prairie Underground is a stylish way to bring your eco-side forward.

…not fooling mother nature

Fashion & Soul

A woman with a mission: an eco mission; bound to sow her style-sense throughout the fashion world in a sustainable way. That’s Linda Loudermilk, an innovator on and off the runway.

When Linda first started to receive accolades for design the glory fell short of importance. It was then she realized the impression she wanted to leave was not that of a carbon footprint, rather a soulful architect aligned with the environment instead of in stark contrast.

Ms. Loudermilk put her passion to work and began to research sustainable fabrics. She teamed up with scientists and learned about organic materials that were both luxurious to the touch and innocuous to the environment. She sourced textiles that were created without toxins and found manufacturers who take caution in their processes leaving the precious water supply free from pollution.

SeaCell® is an organic substance derived from seaweed that is commonly used in Linda’s collection. Fabric made from SeaCell® can actually help the skin with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory attributes. One’s own body heat activates the release of these properties, which is then defused into the skin. The thought of a high fashion skin treatment is quite ingenious as is the Linda Loudermilk brand and convention.

Ms. Loudermilk soon found the distinction of her design and the social consciousness of her fabrics complemented the separate worlds of fashion and eco-responsibility beautifully. She trademarked the term luxury eco™ thus promoting responsible design as a lifestyle choice. Aimed towards the luxury-minded consumer, this new form of expression is far reaching; running the gamut from celebrity to hip-chick and everything in between.

Linda Loudermilk has found a way to blend land and sea with her exquisite style by combining fine European fabric remnants with natural fibers from bamboo, corn and seaweed in an opulent way that is sure to fill Mother Nature’s soul.

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