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Give me a break!

– Tax-break that is – Save on energy and receive tax credits. Federal tax credits are available for consumer energy efficiency improvements. See how you can qualify.

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Recycling Etiquette

Did you know that there’s such a thing as recycling etiquette? Now that statement may conjure up a mental picture of a newspaper saying to a soda can “After you dear soda can, I insist…” but all kidding aside there are very specific things we can do as a matter of routine that will help our recycling centers run more efficiently.

Waste management companies usually have their own recycling policies, so It’s important to know the specifics of your provider. Check out their requirements and gain a better understanding of best recycling practices.

Etiquette to keep in mind for recycling to be kind:

RINSE & FLATTEN all milk cartons and plastics to save space and energy

GROUP & STUFF all plastic grocery & plastic bags together and stuff the whole group within one bag then place in recycling bin

FOLLOW THE FOLD to deconstruct and flatten boxes will save space and make them easier to pick-up

PUT A CAP IN IT when jar lids are made out of metal add them to the recycling bin

PERFECT BIND STAY BEHIND when magazines use glue to bind the pages together it becomes non-recyclable

PITCH THE SADDLE STITCH when magazines are held together by staples then pitch them in the bin


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Call For Volunteers

VolunteerMatch is a wonderful organization that matches volunteer opportunities with personal interests. Community involvement has never been so easy. Just enter your location and area of interest and available openings will follow faster than you can say volunteer. There are even virtual opportunities you can tap into offering a modern approach to the many branches of service one can act upon.

Going a step further VolunteerMatch provides web tools designed to help corporations encourage employee, consumer and student engagement within their own communities.

Log onto The perfect volunteer opportunity is just a click away.